FIFTY4 is a conceptual film about the inner conflict between good and evil. This struggle has existed in man since time immemorial. It is at the centre of every incident in human history. It also exists on a much more personal level: the soul, the mind, and the will of every human being.


Director: Moe Najati

DOP: Adnan X. Khan

Art Director: Sager Al Yaseen

Editor: Hanoz Navdar

Fashion Consultant: Peter Richweisz

Producer: Asif Limbada

Production Manager: Leng Panganiban

Production coordinator: Abdulrahman BinHendah

1st AC: Elias Trad

Gaffer: Shareif Mohammed

Hair and Make-up: Jojo Dantespadua

Wardrobe: The cARTel

Equipment: Limbada Film Production (LFP)

& Action Filmz Studio

Music: Massive Attack - Angel

Special Thanks:

Audi Middle East

The cARTel

Action Filmz Dubai